About Us

Larchin & Boy grew out of the creativity only found in the late hours of the night when little busy bodies are asleep. We are fascinated with the amazing development that our little loves go through, especially during the tumultuous years between one and four. Everything is new and exciting. Play and learning happens even during what adults would consider the most mundane of tasks i.e. cleaning the house! Or looking at a leaf.
How does gravity work? How does my body work? What is this emotional sensation I am feeling? I want it, how do I get it, NOW? Tell me what everything is called! WATER!!
Being surrounded by so many rules to comprehend and objects to explore, it is no wonder our little loves are erupting with emotions. We love everything about toddlerhood from the lofty highs to the trenches below and we want to celebrate the journey with everyone. 

We are an Australian business and our unique designs are truly inspired by toddlers. Our materials were chosen with comfort in mind for active little bodies and our t-shirt designs are gender neutral because, if you like it, then you like it. We also do not mind if they get dirty, so we hope you will not mind either.
Thank you for supporting us and joining us in celebrating toddlerhood!